About me
When I was five, my mom told me I had a vivid imagination. I thought that meant that a little section of my brain was bright orange, like Crayola's Vivid Tangerine crayon.

I have no middle name. Here's a convenient pronunciation guide for the last one: loo-KESS-kee. If we're friends, you can just call me kl!

I really like Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Really, its absence from California is the biggest travesty of the West, and a big reason I am a permanent resident of the Northeast.

I am a 2008 Carnegie Mellon University alum, and hold a degree in Communication Design and Professional & Technical Writing. Here I have collected a number of things I've designed, written, or photographed. Browse through the links to the left, take a look at my resume, check out my printable portfolio, and please, let me know what you think.

Trust these people:
Erika Holmquist
Patrick Gage Kelley
Danny Orenstein
Caitlin Osbahr
Doctor Sandwich
J.T. Trollman