Quotes from pieces you won't be reading
I can drink bottled water and Coke products guilt-free now. I'm not bound by the ties of anti-capitalism. I would miss John, but what I saw more of was inherently ironic to the situation: in breaking up with an anarchist, I would have my freedom back.

His homosexuality was rumored before I heard it from him personally. I passed it off as confusion — he was too religious to be gay. He didn't even read Harry Potter or watch Cinderella because magic was unreal and entertaining thoughts of magic was blasphemous. Maybe he was bisexual. He always asked me who I thought was hot in class, and he always contributed a response, too; they were always male, but he still wasn't gay to me until,
"I'm gay," he said, unqualified and decisive.

"I am not supposed to be here!" she shouted. "Death is not for me."
And in fact, she didn't have death. She breathed, she felt, but she did not know what she felt. She did not know. And in doing so, she may as well have been dead.